Vulcan is a code generator for SwiftUI that allows you to quickly structure the navigation and the content of an entire app, saving you from typing all the boilerplate code for the most common UI elements in an iOS app.

The aim of Vulcan is to reduce as much as possible the time it takes to create standard SwiftUI interfaces. It provides a limited set of controls that allow you to structure an app and its UI in a few clicks.

While Vulcan can be used to create a quick wireframe/mockup for an app, it is not a design tool. To speed up the creation of an app, it lacks the common functionality you would expect from one.

To keep the interface simple, Vulcan does not contain controls to change every single aspect of a SwiftUI view. Instead, it allows you to perform the most common operations quickly and leaves the other details to Xcode.


  • The Interface. Explore the contents of the Vulcan window that allow you to edit, preview, and export a document into SwiftUI code.
  • Components. Components are the building blocks of an app and define its structure and navigation flow.
  • Exporting the SwiftUI code. Export the final SwiftUI code for your document and add it to an existing app or a new Xcode project.